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July 19, 2003

Abortion vs. Affirmative Action

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As a flaming liberal, I find it kind of interesting how democrats support both affirmative action and abortion, when the issues, in a way, contradict each other. (Stay with me here; I’ll explain…) Personally, I don’t have a strong opinion for or against either issue, (in great contrast to my views on virtually every other political matter of discussion) but I’d just like to point out something interesting I thought of recently pertaining to the two topics.

In the case of affirmative action, I would say that, though in principle the institution is racist and unjust, the effects are good. I can see why some oppose it, but I can’t justify such intense emotion in opposition that some conservatives pound into the issue. (It’s not as if it’s impossible or even difficult for all the rich white men to get by in our society, and they don’t need to be taking affirmative action so personally.) And seriously, after years of degradation and disadvantage, who could deny that some minorities have been unfairly forced into a lower social status or income level and that many of the disadvantages of the past have carried over through the generations. After all, it was just slightly over 40 years ago in 1959 (date?) that the Virginia State Supreme Court actually upheld a ban on interracial marriage. I doubt that all those white bigots are gonna do a 180 and suddenly say to their kids “okay, now that all that civil rights crap got through I guess we gotta believe in equality” and expect that, just a generation later, the racism and the disadvantages are gone. Anyway, the point is, the principle of affirmative action is bad, but the effects are good.

Abortion is just the opposite. In principle, abortion is okay if a fetus isn’t a living human being with a soul or consciousness, and it’s a bad thing if the unborn child is alive. The overriding fact, however, is that, scientifically, before a fetus is producing thoughts and brain waves, it is definitely not legally alive. We don’t know if it has a “soul” or not because the answer to that depends on religious beliefs, which can’t constitutionally be protected by the government. Therefore, in principle, abortion before viability should be protected based on right to privacy. However, I seriously doubt that there is a single reasonable person in the country who thinks that the act of abortion itself (aka sucking a bloody little human form out through a straw) is a good thing. If anything, abortion is seen as a last resort or a necessary evil. We don’t really know if it’s a human being or not, so by supporting abortion, we are all taking a small risk of supporting something devastatingly immoral. I’m sure there are very few women in the country shouting “lets go get pregnant so we can all have abortions!” In principle, it should be tolerated; in effect, it’s bad.

So what do we all want to believe in now? Is it principle, or effect? Personally, I would say that I tend to side with principle more than effect, but when human life is in danger I stick with effects. (Which is why I was against the Iraq war.) Considering abortion, who the hell knows if human life is in danger or not!? Everyone thinks they know the answer to where life begins and nobody really has a clue. Conservatives and liberals should admit that they don’t really know the answer and concede that their conclusion, no matter how solid, is still just a guess. I suppose I’m not your stereotypical cookie-cutter liberal who sticks with the left-wing view on every topic; I don’t know what to believe on either one of these issues. In the long run, I hope they both just go away: ideally, someday, affirmative action won’t be needed because the effects racism will have finally whithered away, and abortion won’t be an issue because everyone will use contraceptives. Some folks say I’m a dreamer…

July 14, 2003

this computer sucks

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Let me just take the time to say that this computer sucks my ass. Everything takes forever to load and pop-ups inevitably crash the computer. Most websites are completely impossible to get into at all. I can’t get info that I need for college right now because it seems that the CU website is too big for the computer to handle. It’s a wonder I can even sign on to livejournal. I am supposedly getting a new computer sometime (since I’ll need one in my dorm for school and all) but it’ll be a while before I get it since my family is buying it and they tend to procrastinate. (TEND to?! WHATEVER! More like THEY PROCRASTINATE OBSESSIVELY, especially when it comes to something that I need for school; it all goes back to my parents’ subconscious issues with the fact that I’m leaving their home and jurisdiction.) But oh well. I’m extremely frustrated but It’s not like I use the computer that much anyway. I hope I’m not getting any messages from the school that are extremely important, and if I’m not, then this whole issue won’t hurt too much in the long run.

July 3, 2003

Tea Cigarette

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People have wondered if the Bible Verse of the Day feature I write periodically is really verses from the Bible. Yeah, they’re all real, and you can check up on it yourself if you don’t believe me. I just put fun little exerpts here as I come across them, and no, I do not mean any offense to any Christians who happen to read this journal.

Today I smoked a cigarette I made out of a tea bag. I was trying to find those nicotene-free herbal cigarettes all day but no one seems to have them so I made my own. I opened up the tea bag and poured all the little leaf choppings on a piece of paper, put the emptied bag at one end for a filter, and rolled up the whole thing. It burned surprisingly well and lasted a really long time. For the most part I didn’t inhale completely but I still had to try a few times. I felt like no smoke was going in. It was very nice; alot cleaner than a real cigarette, smelled better, and don’t ask me why, but it was actually fun. It was all good until I was done and I breathed in deep and realized that my chest hurt like a bitch like there a wire cutting through it. (You know, like on Ghost Ship when the thing whips through to chop all the people in half and they squirm around for a while even though they should realistically be beyond dead, not quite realizing what just happened for a few more seconds before they pass out.) Luckily I did not pass out. It was sad though. Why the hell did I decide to do that?

July 1, 2003

Bible Verse of the Day… Ezekiel 4:12

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the LORD said, “You are to build a fire out of dried human excrement, bake bread on the fire, and eat it where eveyone can see you. Thus the Israelites will eat unclean food which the Law forbids, when I scatter them to foreign nations.”
I complained, “No, LORD! I have never defiled myself; from youth I have never eaten meat from any animal that died a natural death or was killed by wild beasts. Never has unclean food entered my mouth.”
So God said, “I will let you use cow dung instead, and you can bake your bread on that.”

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