On One Hand

December 7, 2004

The Good People

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The good people are out there. I’m looking for them now; peering under rocks, behind chairs, in trees and up rainspouts. They’re hidden with the spiders, up on rooftops, between tattered shingles. They wait for rescue, and while they wait they’re enjoying the time alone. They’re holding guitars, thinking of love stories, smiling about the weather. They’re singing, shouting even though they’re spat on off the balconies by those who are jealous of courage.

They’re hiding in high school halls, behind doors and trash cans, waiting for the athletes to pass so they can come out. They’re waiting in museums, writing poems on the side, polishing dinosaur bones and wishing they could be something. They’re passed on promotions and getting voted off the island first. They’re last in line, twiddling their thumbs, walking down the street flipping coins into the buckets of the bums with the paper bags. Passers stare, sneer, or otherwise don’t pay much attention. Passers laugh or roll their eyes, annoyed. If only the passers knew who holds the secret to beauty. Turn a corner and there the good people are again, stretching out their arms to the sky, taking in the sun.

Someday I’ll find them, we’ll meet at last, we’ll wash out all the shit in each other’s hair and tend to the bruises, and after that there will be no force in the Universe that could make us stop smiling.

So what if I got turned down again, so what if only God knows why I keep trying. So what? I’ll keep trying anyway. I’m listening to the most awesome song in the world.



  1. I know the feeling. Why do we keep trying? Onward we must go and try again.

    Comment by im_just_a_boy — December 8, 2004 @ 9:37 pm | Reply

    • Well I wasn’t necessarily talking about myself.

      Comment by ononehand — December 13, 2004 @ 9:24 am | Reply

  2. Very beautifully written.

    Comment by bemusedguy — December 9, 2004 @ 3:50 am | Reply

  3. I like you… mind if I add you? Thanks 😀

    Comment by radical_will — December 9, 2004 @ 10:28 pm | Reply

  4. beautiful pizzuti, i loved your writing.

    see you.

    (PS) oh, and i was checking out your user-info. we’r exactly the same age, by the day. (useless piece of info :))

    Comment by tarachand — December 17, 2004 @ 1:25 am | Reply

    • Sweet! What time of day were you born?

      Comment by ononehand — December 17, 2004 @ 5:55 am | Reply

      • i think it was 10.05 pm, but i’m not positiv. you?

        Comment by tarachand — December 17, 2004 @ 1:04 pm

      • Well, you’re definitely a Gemini then. I was born at 5:59PM, meaning I have Scorpio rising. You’d probably have Sagittarius or Capricorn rising, I’d assume. Or maybe Aquarius, which would be awesome.

        I don’t always believe in astrology but I still think it’s interesting. Anyway…

        Comment by ononehand — December 17, 2004 @ 9:01 pm

      • my ex-best-friend (gemini too) was obsessed w/horoscopes, and i think he told me i had a capricorn rising.

        i’m adding you if you don’t mind. would make it easier for me to remember to check if you hav new writing posted.


        Comment by tarachand — December 18, 2004 @ 1:16 am

      • Sure! Go right ahead! I’ll add you back.

        Comment by ononehand — December 18, 2004 @ 4:51 am

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