On One Hand

December 16, 2004

Haphazard Rendezvous

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I had a guy stay over last night. I met up with him at two forty-five in the morning, saying “allright, dude, I’m going for a walk, if you want to meet me somewhere, please do,” and he picked me up by the corner near my apartment. We parked and walked around campus for a few hours, went on a brief, unfruitful “glory hole hunting” adventure in the Engineering Center, drove around for a bit and then came back to my place to sleep on my futon in the living room. My roommate was in her bedroom with her girlfriend, and came out in the morning not knowing I had brought somebody home. She opened her bedroom door, blinked, stepped back and closed the door again, shocked to see some strange guy lying with me in my bed. The look on her face: priceless. He’s really thin, with short, fuzzy hair, coarse stubble, sideburns, a lip ring, and a body you can just melt into. Soft skin, unusually comfortable to lay against at any angle. Warm, always warm, and no matter where I touched him I could feel his pulse. He makes a lot of little funny noises, moans and sighs, like I do, and shuffles around in bed a lot, like I do. I liked the way his chin stubble would scratch my cheek. Rough, sandpapery, in contrast to the rest of him. I hope I didn’t suffocate him.

I was initially reserved to him; we started talking years ago, constrained by the one-dimensionality of AIM conversations. I’d met him in person before, accidentally, but it was a while ago, back when he was a senior in high school and I had just come to Boulder, and his head was completely shaved. Like an egg, shaved. The way he spelled everything “wut r u doin’?” when we talked online didn’t intrigue me. And he had history with someone I was dating at the time – someone who talked a lot of shit. It was all happening at this exact time last year – first semester finals week. But in person he’s intelligent, talkative, and soooo hot. He was hot a year ago too, even with a shaved head, but I had forgotten.

So we finally fell asleep at about seven in the morning, about an hour before my roommate and her girlfriend got up. He and I slept with our clothes on, which is always uncomfortable, especially when you’re huddled up with someone who is very warm, and even after a long shower I still feel sticky and sweaty. If he ever comes over like that again, I won’t sleep with my clothes on. We got out of bed at about three in the afternoon, and he went off to go home then go to work, while I lounged around, as I still am, looking for something to do. I called my mom to say happy birthday, slept for a few more hours, woke up at ten at night, then got online to see if Brian was there. It’s always disorienting to wake up at such an awkward time, ten at night, only blackness coming through the window. You feel groggy, zoned out, antisocial, monotone, but not tired, so you can’t just go to sleep. I want Brian to come back over, but I have no way of getting a hold of him, since he has no phone, and tomorrow I’m going back to Westminster to stay with my parents for the holidays. I’ll have to come back to the apartment sometime over break, one of these days. To see him, or maybe go to a party with friends. Sigh. It’s snowing. Perhaps I’ll just go for another walk.



  1. :: teases ::

    somebody’s in lo-ove. 🙂

    Comment by arazel — December 16, 2004 @ 4:21 pm | Reply

  2. I love reading about these innocent encounters 🙂

    Comment by johnnya — December 16, 2004 @ 7:33 pm | Reply

    • Define innocent

      Comment by ononehand — December 16, 2004 @ 7:35 pm | Reply

      • Lack of penis in orifices.

        Comment by erichowens — December 16, 2004 @ 7:56 pm

      • Hmm… ok, no orifices. That’s works. Allright.

        Comment by ononehand — December 16, 2004 @ 7:58 pm

      • For purposes of this conversation, I’m going to count a cusped palm as a orifice.

        Innocent now?!


        Comment by erichowens — December 16, 2004 @ 9:15 pm

      • Poop.

        Comment by ononehand — December 16, 2004 @ 11:02 pm

      • O_o did we get the full story? hehe

        Comment by johnnya — December 16, 2004 @ 7:57 pm

  3. Michael-Ann would like to say:

    Sounds like a good time. I wish I did that last night!

    Comment by Anonymous — December 17, 2004 @ 6:17 am | Reply

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