On One Hand

December 23, 2004


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People feel very uncomfortable when cultures change. Such angst is understandable, but since change is inevitable we might as well do our best to embrace it. There has always been a prejudice against new ideas or trends. Today my mother was complaining about Christmas becoming a secular holiday, stolen and “bastardized” by agnostics who “want an excuse to party.” I told her Christmas was originally a pagan holiday centered on the Winter Solstice, but she argued that Christmas has been Christmas for so long that the pagan rituals don’t count. Her gripe sounded a lot like the Conservative Christian argument that the United States should remain Judeo-Christian because it has “just been that way for so long.” In fact, it sounded like a lot of arguments I have heard, about anything involving change.

Conservative religious blacks complain about the way the term “Civil Rights” is “bastardized” by the gay rights movement, while Eisenhower Conservatives (and liberals) complain about the way the Republican Party has been “bastardized” by Neo-Cons. Union workers complain about the way the Democratic Party values have been “bastardized” by environmentalists and social libertarians. Libertarians complain about the Republican Party being “bastardized” by the Religious Right. The truth is, everything, everything, is a “bastardization” of something that came before. Modern-day American Evangelical Christianity is a bastardization of early Protestant Christianity, which is a bastardization of medieval Catholicism, which is a bastardization of early Christianity, and Christianity as a whole is a bastardization of Judaism, which is a bastardization of Zoroastrianism and the evolving pantheistic and dichotomistic religions that emerged with the dawn of civilization. Modern day intellectual liberalism is a bastardization of an older populist liberalism, which is a bastardization of the liberalism that ended slavery and founded the United States of America.

Ideas evolve. Cultures evolve. Such things have always evolved in the past, and will continue to evolve perpetually into the future. No ideological group or segment of the population, no matter how popular or how forward-thinking, will own the future. Even their own in-group successors will change and modify the in-group tone. People get offended when their ways change, even though they were happy to accommodate past changes, and they agree with all the changes that occurred before they were born. They feel this way because they fallaciously think that, after thousands of years of ideological evolution, they finally got it “just right,” achieving the perspective that will endure forever because it is perfect. Especially when religion is concerned, people think that no changes will occur in the future, that God’s will for the faith has only just been fulfilled as it was in the beginning, despite acknowledged changes in the past which are seen as positive. People get offended when the train keeps going forward, when their ideas are, essentially, “bastardized;” synthesized and adopted, incompletely, into new ways of thinking. People hate it when that happens. Get a clue: it always happens.



  1. I have a crush on you.

    Comment by dexterred — December 23, 2004 @ 9:27 am | Reply

    • This is coming from what I have to say about change?

      I’m glad you do. From what I can tell, you’re very attractive, not to mention intelligent. Wanna make out?

      Comment by ononehand — December 23, 2004 @ 9:32 am | Reply

  2. I say all those who say things are being ‘bastardized’ should be hurt…except for your mom, of course.

    Change is going to happen…people need to get over themselves and get on with life.

    Comment by jennafern — December 24, 2004 @ 1:04 am | Reply

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