On One Hand

January 5, 2005


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Life is so hard. Where will you stand to catch it? Come stand beside me, and we’ll reach for its slippery pieces falling from the sky; we’ll hold them for moments, as long as we can, before they slide between our fingers into the Earth. Come lie with me in the garden, beneath the trees, surrounded by the growing things that will cover, consume us when we die. Come dance with me over long hills, tombs of giants. Come run with me through sunny meadows, footprints of abandoned towns. Come sing with me to the ancient, creaking limbs in the woods; an age-old orchard overgrown, then come with me to the moor to watch dragons leap over far-away cliffs. The cliffs are the skulls of their ancestors, etched away by the winding river flowing always Eastward seeking union with the ocean. Come with me to the seaside, see the white horses slip through the surf, ghosts disguised by foam. Come lay back, look at the sky; cool, moist and gray of ashes in its all-encompassing reach. Come with me to the shady brook, watch the fairies twirl between decaying logs and crumbling boulders, all covered in soft, green heaps of moss. Hold my shoulders, round like river stones, hold my wrists in your hands, feel the pulse inside. Feel the quiet rush in my lungs, the deep, steady beating in my chest. Feel the warmth, as I feel yours, before it cools and you and I become one green mound of shamrocks in the garden.



  1. Beautiful. The imagery was so vivid, that for a moment, it was as if I were following you thru this scene, I lost you at the mounds of skulls.
    I like the fact that you encompass the gaunlet of human existance and how you take the reader thru a journey to the very brink of chaos and death and to the eternal existance of life in nature.

    Very very nice. I think one of you best so far.

    Comment by devnair1 — January 5, 2005 @ 4:07 pm | Reply

  2. Very nice.

    Comment by tempur_tempur — January 5, 2005 @ 7:01 pm | Reply

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