On One Hand

January 11, 2005

7.5 Hours

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I would like to point out my 18 hour credit load. I would also like to point out my excellent opportunity to party on Monday and Wednesday nights, as well as my terrible 7.5 straight hours of class with NO BREAKS on Mondays during the day, 5 straight hours of class with no breaks on Wednesdays and only one break on Fridays.

I am still waitlisted for Philosophy and Science, but will more than likely get in. I was waitlisted for my fiction workshop but already got in. I was planning on dropping one of the two, but both are fascinating (especially Philosophy and Science) so I’m sticking with the extra class. Philosophy and Science is supposed to be a bitch. Straight A students dread it, and here I am with an A-/B+ avarage, goals to increase that average, ready to jump in to a difficult class. But I have a mind that handles Philosophy well, and I enjoy it more than most, so perhaps this situation won’t be so bad.

Being so busy will most likely keep me dilligent and prevent apathy. Being at home for long periods of time leads to increasingly serious ADD and depression, so the fact that I’ll be out all day is good. Having the ability to rapidly switch between one topic of homework and another topic of homework (because there are so many topics) drastically helps with the ADD, and being out all day helps keep me happy and entertained, encouraging me to talk to people. (I tend to switch between extreme introversion and extreme extroversion, prefer the latter, and can foster it by being around more and different people.)

I have to give several presentations in both of my Creative Writing classes. I find that ironic; one of the reasons I like writing so much is that it lets me entertain people without having to speak – speaking in public is absolutely nervewracking for me. Well, speaking in certain contexts is, and I haven’t quite figured out the difference. In high school I started a Gay-Straight Alliance, led every meeting, and had no anxiety. I loved leading the meetings. I have no anxiety about playing guitar or piano in front of groups. I have no anxiety speaking in class when called on, and enjoy reading things I’ve written out loud. I do, however, have a lot of anxiety about planned presentations, to the point that I won’t be able to eat or sleep the day before, and stutter all the way through giving it.

My journaling this semester may suffer. Then again, it may not – I’ll try to post things from my Creative Writing and Philosophy classes to make up for entries I won’t have time to write.

Note to Self: smoke more pot this semester. People say that the paranoia I get is only from my inexperience with it, and I’ve known it to work wonders on the occasions that I don’t freak out. An advantage that I have is that I get utterly destroyed on very small amounts, so I won’t be investing much money at all on this. Another advantage is that I have a lot of friends who smoke so will never have to actually carry it.

I’m probably joking about the pot but we’ll see.

If anyone comments to say “pot is bad for you,” I will ask you to look up the scientific data on the harmful effects of marijuana in reasonable amounts, which you will find to be lacking.

Along with a lot of other totally interesting stuff.


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