On One Hand

April 11, 2005


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Today I’m talking to rocks.
They grow warm and cold with the seasons – its how they laugh –
and sometimes they crack and the lichen
covers and flakes off as they cry.
But their moods rarely seem to address
what I’m trying to say to them, which is
I love them so much, the rocks.

I rinse the rocks with water, for their thirst,
and clear the leaves and vines,
and when I’m especially loving
I turn them each – forty five degrees –
so that they can get some sun on the other side.

And I sing to the rocks every day.
I tell them that they are perfect,
that they have my love,
and the rocks go on never minding
as they always do.
And they go on beyond me,
in the thin air and rain,
until I am taken to sit still,
silent as the beloved rocks.



  1. Dude. That’s not just good. That’s really good. Like, serious, historically renowned, read-by-unwilling-school-children-two-hundred-years-from-now good.

    Or at least, on the way to being there. You have a voice.

    Comment by thefrescakid — April 11, 2005 @ 1:33 pm | Reply

    • Thanks, I wasn’t expecting anyone to take it to seriously because it has a sort of surrealist, childlike focus. I mean, it’s about talking to rocks.

      But I’m glad you like it. It was random and has a very deep connection to what I was feeling at the time, if one cares to read so far in to it. I don’t personally think it shows a lot of wisdom or talent, but it was very personal and honest.

      Comment by ononehand — April 12, 2005 @ 5:49 am | Reply

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