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June 8, 2005

Today’s Thoughts

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On an uneventful Tuesday, this is what I think about.

Pounds. Wanting to gain weight used to just be something to talk about, because I was secretly proud of being skinny. When you’re a teenager, being the thin, twinky punk kid is cute. The moment I turned 20 I knew I was in a different ballpark. It looks unhealthy on me now – visible ribs are not the equivalent of a six-pack. I desperately want to pass 140, and there’s a scale right next to the toilet so I can frequently check. The fact that I can lose two pounds just by taking a piss is discouraging. At five feet eleven inches, my weight usually hovers around 135.

On a partially-related note, I would like to visit Great Britian because they’re all about the skinny guys there. It seems that in the UK I’d be really “fit.”

Beets. I like how when you eat beets, you can actually taste the dirt they grow in. Even when they’re washed, even when they’re skinned and sliced, even when they’re canned and cooked, you can taste the dirt. The taste is right in the flesh and juice, faintly presenting itself the moment you bite down but really rearing up as the bitter aftertaste. If you ever want a safe, bug-free way to remind yourself what dirt tastes like, eat beets.

Drugs. I sometimes complain about people who drink too much or do too many drugs, because I hang out with those people a lot and it’s hard to watch someone I care about risk health or sanity doing many more drugs than I ever would. But before I get too frustrated with the guy who drinks every night, I hear from someone at the other extreme, who is unexperimental and moralistic about the topic, and I realize that I have no choice but to identify with the drug users’ side because the people on the other side are just as irrational, but in a much less consillatory way. Plus they have no fun.

Penis. I’m developing a serious case of foreskin-envy. A penis without a foreskin is like a breast without a nipple; it might still be hot but something has obviously been left off. I don’t want to call circumcision evil, disgusting, or barbaric because that seems to inslult the huge group of men and boys who have had it done to them, and that group includes myself. But I personally find it much more appealing to go down on a cock left in its clean, unamputated state. I guess I just need to find an uncut guy who thinks circumcized guys look better, and then we’ll be perfect for each other (as far as cocks go, at least).



  1. I wish I could tell you eating beats would help you gain weight but I can’t.

    My best suggestion is to eat regular, filling meals with plenty of protein + complex carbs.

    Comment by usp121sgn — June 8, 2005 @ 8:03 am | Reply

    • I eat well. I’m a vegetarian so I take suppliments for protein, and everything else I eat is healthy. During the school year I lose track and eat way too few calories (some days I count 400 or 600 which is WAY too low), but in summer I dip everything I can in olive oil, snack as much as possible, and have very good nutrition other than it being high-cal. It doesn’t help much; everyone on my mom’s side of the famiy is ridiculously thin and I seem to take after her side more than my dad’s. I think I just need to work out a little to build muscle, and it’s hard for me to stick to a routine. I accept that I will never have any kind of fat deposit whatsoever to help me out.

      Comment by ononehand — June 8, 2005 @ 8:42 am | Reply

      • I try to do situps and pushups/chinups every night before I go to bed. It’s just enough to get the muscles a little bit of work without getting sore or anything because you go to sleep and relax right after. And if you keep it up it starts to have a really positive effect. It did for me, anyways.

        Yeah, those days of so little eating are really bad. I have a tendency to binge when I eat like that and it fucks up everything. You just have to make sure you pay attention to it and it will start to remedy itself.

        Comment by usp121sgn — June 8, 2005 @ 11:17 pm

  2. I don’t know if your case is better or mine. I used to be the chubby kid in middle school and part of high school. But then I developed a bit of a temporary eating disorder and over-excersised– then lost 30 pounds. But now my metabolism has taken control over me.. i can’t gain weight or loose weight. I mean, I guess I could gain weight, but I would probably be really sick cause I don’t like over-eating. I don’t know, I guess I still envy you.
    — For some reason there has been a lot of talk of circumcision over the lj’s lately! I have heard that circumcision has some long term benefits.

    Comment by matthewtroxel — June 8, 2005 @ 1:17 pm | Reply

    • I studied a lot about circumcision when I didn’t have an opinion on it, and what I found caused me to side strongly against it. You probably know the story if you’ve read about it on LJ, but The arguments are that circumcision is cleaner, prettier and prevents penis cancer. In actuality, only 1 in 100,000 men ever get penis cancer and it’s even rarer for the cancer to start on the foreskin, so why not just treat cancer when it comes rather than at birth. Cleaner? The foreskin is there to keep in mosture that your body wants to be there. That’s like saying your eyes would be cleaner if you cut the lids off. I went out with a guy who was uncircumcized, and even when he hadn’t showered for 3 days, it never got gross. You’d have to have pretty damn poor hygeine for it to get bad. As for the visual/cosmetic reasons for doing it, which are most commonly cited now that doctors no longer reccamend circumcision for health . . . is it right to strip out a baby’s fingernails because the kid’s family thinks that would look attractive? Is it right to cut the earlobes off or give a baby a nose job? I think it doesn’t hurt to wait and let the kid choose if he wants to cut 2/3 of the sensitive skin of his penis.

      Comment by ononehand — June 8, 2005 @ 5:05 pm | Reply

  3. I know your feeling about being twinky! I get a lot of attention from older creepy men that way but it seems not many our age likes twinks…stupid society with stupid images…anyways, from what I understand, guys with uncut cocks are more sensative as well…damn mom and dad…lol…ttyl. 🙂

    Comment by im_just_a_boy — June 8, 2005 @ 5:54 pm | Reply

  4. uncircumcised is much better for sexual stimulation and masterbation, its too bad there’s no way to somehow grow a new one for guys like you. i cant imagine how it would be to not have a foreskin, i would feel so cheated and weird, uncut guys would seem like they were taking theirs for granted. i find that my preferences change almost monthly between liking cut and uncut….maybe the same will happen for you.

    Comment by theplanklength — June 8, 2005 @ 7:51 pm | Reply

  5. Whether or not that’s true, I’d still rather be uncut. As it is I feel really naked and emasculated. I seriously wish it could grow back.

    And what ever happened to Ohsecateur? No one has updated in a long time. I liked that community – you should find more people to join.

    Comment by ononehand — June 10, 2005 @ 2:10 am | Reply

  6. Weight and Circumcision

    Let’s see: Matt’s 62 kilograms, divided by his height of 1.80 meters squared…body-mass ratio of 19! (I converted to the metric system in 1976.) Yipes! When I was 20, my ratio was 21.5! Now I can’t seem to get under 27. Does anyone want any of my fat? Seriously, you’ll fill out by age 25.

    I agree totally with your stance on circumcision. Outside of a religious reason, there is NO reason to do it. There is a movie out called “Europa, Europa”, which tracks Salomon Perel, a German Jew, as he kept changing identities to survive World War II. He tried to reverse circumcision and failed miserably. The Nazis would know he was Jewish simply by pulling down his pants, for Europeans don’t normally mutilate baby boys.

    Comment by buddyoverstreet — June 11, 2005 @ 5:11 pm | Reply

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