On One Hand

August 13, 2005


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Marijuana is the drug of equality and humble acceptance, of back-to-the-Earth values, of idealism, of nonviolence, of the universiality of human experience. Marijuana is the lifestyle of the poor, of the pure, of the untainted by materialist endeavors, of those unmoved by the vast empire of puritannical corruption. Run across a stoned stranger and it’s like a meeting between old friends, connecting through the brotherhood of sacred deviance.

Cocaine is where marijuana meets Manhattan. Cocaine is the drug of the elite and sexy – the the high-fashion brand-name, making no attempt at humility or richeousness. Cocaine is the flashy dress and aviators, the diamond necklace, the slick-styled haut monde hairstyle and expensive suit jacket dangling open buttonless to show waxy, tanned skin. Cocaine is the gawdy in disguise. It is the dirty secret, known by the few to leave the world beneath your class. The four of you parade from bathroom single-file, you descreetly tuck the rolled-up twenty in your pocket and you’re the fucking tabloid, the fucking high-class, so stick your chest out; you’re an exclusive member of the glitterati and they all want in. Everyone wants to fuck you so it’s your pick, who’s the hottest in the room. You know they all whisper when you’re not looking. You’re the one up in front at the parties and the one hidden in back behind dark sunglasses in class, above it. Every word is a social statement, every slip is excused by your blessed insanity. You know no one can reach you; one might catch you for a moment if you let them but one step and you’re already miles ahead.


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