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February 9, 2006


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Publishd in The Campus Press.

TeamAWESOME!’s mission is fun!
Matt Pizzuti
Staff Writer

More than a band, teamAWESOME! strives to be an experience.

Exhibiting a sound that can only be described as cute and bubbly, teamAWESOME! puts on a show of enthusiastic dancing, jovial lyrics, and a peppy teamAWESOME! trademark cheer increasingly popular with fans.

“We try to make it as fun as possible,” said Chuck Potashner, a sophomore sociology major and one of teamAWESOME!’s lead singers. “I really love music with sing-along parts.”

Band members have brought balloons, cupcakes and costumes to shows, and sometimes invite guest musicians to perform with them, Potashner said.

This new group of young Boulder musicians can’t be classified in genre.

“We have a country song and a 1950s pop song about hugs,” Potashner said. We “take the intensity of grindcore and thrash and mix it with really poppy stuff.”

Potashner started the band last summer when he and his roommate Kara George, now an alumna, started writing songs for fun.

“We weren’t trying to start a band, we were just playing songs in my basement,” Potashner said.

Soon the small group was performing in basements, houses, and lounges with other local bands. Eventually teamAWESOME! entered CU’s Battle of the Bands and won the competition, Potashner said.

The group recently added four new musicians to its ranks, tripling in size to include Austin Keeble, a sophomore history major, Michelle Wooden, a sophomore music major, Boulder resident Kat Roscoe, and Travis Rosenberg, a junior music major. After only two weeks of practice with new members and new songs, the band played at the restaurant “Casa Bonita” in Lakewood on Friday, February 10.

When asked why he decided to join teamAWESOME! as a drummer, Keeble said he didn’t have a choice.

“We forced him,” Potashner explained.

Keeble went on, “It’s hard to not be a part of something that fun. You cannot deny the funditude of teamAWESOME!”


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