On One Hand

April 23, 2006

God walked once through town

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God walked once through town, and the people were scared so shut their windows when God passed. It was the little one who came to talk, and stopped God while God was looking at some tulips. God said hi and the little one said hi, I have some questions if you aren’t busy. God said as he always says, ask away, I always have time, so the little one ran her small fingers through her dark hair and started with something simple.

She said why did you make fire, God? And God smiled. God said honey I didn’t make fire, I just made a lot of stuff and fire’s just what happens when it gets hot. The little one paused and said ok, God, here’s what I really want to ask, why do you let bad things happen? while somewhere in the town a baby cried. God said it’s just the way you look at it, honey, I want you guys to need each other, and if nothing ever broke there’d be nothing to fix. The little one looked at the ground and thought of something broke. She said God, so why do wars happen? God shrugged and said, you know if it were up to me you’d all stop doing that. The little one said well God that makes sense but why do people die at all, and God said nothing dies no, not unless it stops moving, and dying keeps it moving. The little one let out a breath. She said ok God so when I die, does it keep me moving or do I disappear to make room for other things that move. God said it’s complicated, but if you want some good advice, just move.

And the little one moved. She said, one more question if that’s ok, and God said honey always, like God always does. She asked God why did you make the universe, and God stopped a while to think because there were many ways to answer. And when God thought of something God said, I didn’t make the universe – I just came across a lot of nothing and set the nothing on fire, and everything you see is just what happens when the nothing burns. The little girl said God that doesn’t make much sense, while God laughed deep which filled the sky with birds and somewhere far away a forest bloomed. God said honey you have a lot of questions. Yeah I know the little one said. And God said it’s ok but honey all you need to know is that the answer is always yes.


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  1. that…is absolutely amazing.


    Comment by arazel — April 23, 2006 @ 10:19 pm | Reply

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