On One Hand

November 28, 2006


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Poets have passed by before – but this girl – this girl can create worlds of words where stones rise to the sea’s surface as swans. She turns any bundle of muddled sentences into perfect prose, like the magician who cracks an egg into his mouth and pulls out an endless streamer of shimmering silk.

She asked me to describe how I felt about her, “overall,” wanting to know if she could let herself hope. I told her my thoughts were like a swarm of bees and she was essentially asking me to decide which one represented the group. Impossible.

Analogies and metaphors are like glass spoons. They reflect the world in hyperbolic lines, curved representations of truth, serving it up to you in manageable bits. But if you stack them too high they topple over, and you are tiptoing around their jagged edges in your socks, delicately trying to get to the broom without cutting your feet on your words.


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