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January 11, 2007

Denver Wins 2008 Convention Battle!

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The Democratic National Convention to take place in the summer of 2008 will be held in the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, announced Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean today.

To win this convention, Denver’s bid had to navigate waves of union troubles, tight hotel space, limited funds and competition from the largest and most powerful city in the United States, runner up New York City in an extended battle where the announcement of a winner was pushed back several times. But supporters said Denver was a favorite all along because of lukewarm support for the convention in New York, and the Democrats’ desire to get away from the East and West coast where they dominate to link themselves with a growing Democratic Mountain West where governors’ offices, state legislatures and legislators sent to Washington shifted toward the Democrats in 2004 and 2006.

One of Denver’s biggest challenges arose when local union leader Jim Taylor of Denver’s branch of a Stagehands Union refused to sign a pledge not to strike the convention, saying that he could not support a Democratic Convention in the non-union Pepsi Center. Democrats could not risk a union picket line at the convention because many Democratic delegates would refuse to cross such a line. A leader of Denver’s bid committee said that Taylor’s play nearly derailed the convention in Denver, and the clash was ultimately negotiated by national union leaders in Washington DC just before Dean’s final announcement on January 11.

The Democratic Convention is expected to bring 35,000 visitors, 3 days of constant union attention, and $160 million in economic stimulus to the Mile High City. It will take place exactly 100 years after Denver’s first and only major political convention, the Democratic National Convention in 1908.

Republicans will hold their convention one week later in Minneappolis-Saint Paul Minnesota.




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