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May 1, 2007

An Experiment

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I have about 30-50 more pages of writing to do this semester for class. The semester ends in 1 week.

Years ago I added up all the pages I had written over the course of a semester and was shocked to come up with something like 80 pages. This time I think I’ll far exceed that. That’s my hypothesis. Now lets go through this….

Here’s what I’ve written so far:

In the last two weeks:

Response to Letters from Cairo, Pauline Kaldas: 4.5 pages, 1,350 words
Essay on Holocaust Literature based on Fugitive Pieces, Anne Michaels: 5 pages, 1,500 words
Final research paper on salvation in Islam: 8 pages (including footnotes), 2,200 words (including Bibliography)
Book response to The Trouble with Islam Today, Irshad Manji: 2.5 pages, 700 words
Discussion/presentation on “People of the Book” in Islam: 6.5 pages, 1,600 words
Site Visit paper on Muslim Awareness Week event: 5 pages (including footnotes), 1,500 words (including Bibliography)
Total Academic Writing in last 2 weeks: 30.5 pages, 8,850 words

So, in the whole month of April:

All of the above, plus
Queer Theory lit theory presentation hand-out: 2 pages, 500 words
Queer Theory lit theory essay (the half I did): 1 page, 400 words
In depth analysis project for passage in King Lear: 16.5 pages, 4,500 words
Total Academic Writing in April: 50 pages, 14,250 words

This semester:

All of the above, plus
4 1-page reading response forms: 4 pages, 1,200 words
Response to A Generous Orthodoxy, Brian McLauren: 2 pages, 600 words
Response to “Good Country People,” Flannery Oconnor: 2.5 pages, 750 words
Take-home Midterm for Lit. Analysis: 7 pages, 2,000 words
Response to Gonzo Judaism, Niles Goldstein: 3 pages, 650 words
Lit. Analysis Portfolio: 11 pages, 3,500 words
Personal essay, “Asperger’s Syndrome”: 16 pages, 5,150 words
Personal essay part II, “$500:” 12 pages, 2,400 words
Total Academic Writing So Far This Semester: 107.5 pages (double spaced), 30,500 words

Of course, I wrote much more than that in other places, including in this blog. This blog alone has over 100 pages of writing since January 10. With some of that included…

Non-academic writing:

All of the above, plus:
Livejournal Entries (public): 145 pages, 32,300 words (I copy/pasted the contents of the journal, shrank the font to 12, then double-spaced it).
Other collected writing/private entries: 45 pages, 10,700 words
Total non-Academic Writing So Far This Semester: 190 pages, 43,000 words.

I’m not going to start getting into emails or handwritten stuff. Those don’t count.

297.5 pages, 73,500 words

By Comparison:

The average novel is about 500 typed pages and has about 120,000 words

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens has 103 pages, 28,578 words

The Bible (Old and New Testaments) has 774,746 words, or 2,582 pages in a Microsoft Word document.


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  1. I love you.

    okay. you rock. I have to write 10 pages tonight and I am freaking out. writing just is not my forte. (I have only written 5 other pages of academic writing this semester). But on the other hand I have done 13 films (including the ones I am working on right now) this semester (some very short, some not so much).

    Comment by swtfxofaddrm — May 2, 2007 @ 1:31 pm | Reply

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