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November 6, 2007

Doctors Operate on 8-limbed Girl

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This story wouldn’t be good for anything without a picture. Lakshmi, an Indian girl with 8 limbs, will soon lose those extra appendages in an operation, says a story on msnbc.com. Doctors explain that when Lakshmi was in utero, her body absorbed the remains a dying identical twin, resulting in some extra grafted parts. A surgical team now wants to remove those extra limbs to let the girl live a normal life.

Coincidentially, (this is where many people would say, “ironically,” which would be wrong, because it’s not an irony, its a coincidence), Indian families often name their children after gods and goddesses, and Laskhmi’s parents chose the name of a popular goddess who has four arms. Hindus beleive that dieties will incarnate as human beings and become spiritual leaders, leading beleivers to wonder if little Lakshmi is of divine origin. People from the neighborhood have already begun to revere the girl, who is now two years old – but is unknown whether or not Lakshmi will grow up with profound spiritual characteristics.


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  1. Re: She would have been great in novelty porn

    Hindus don’t beleive in hell, but you may be reincarnated as an Indian girl with 8 arms.

    Comment by ononehand — November 7, 2007 @ 3:55 am | Reply

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