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December 18, 2007


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If I get the grades I think I will get this semester, I will be 1/1000th of a point from qualifying for honors.

1/1000th. Yes. This is not the Olympics, but 1/1000th of a point still counts.

All those years not caring about grades have come back to haunt me. I’m working extra hard to get As in difficult classes to make up for getting Bs in easy classes three years ago when I wasn’t trying. Most grad schools require a 3.3 (which I have), but I want to be able to get into a good one.

If I hadn’t been on the student newspaper for 3 semesters, I would have already qualified for honors and would not have had any problem getting into graduate school. The paper required about 15 hours a week of work and I just didn’t have time for that, what with other classes, my job, and other internships. I figured it was still wise to stay on the student paper in spite of some bad grades I was getting there, because I was getting published clips. But once I worked for the Daily Camera, there wasn’t even room for the Campus Press on my resume anymore. (Nobody even knows what the Campus Press is, and an Online-only student paper doesn’t look like anything compared to the Camera, with a print circulation of 30,000). Meanwhile, the student paper’s credits offered NO progress towards my degree, and in the mean time it taxed me to the point where my grades in all my other classes dropped.

Meh, live and learn.

When I was 9 years old, my two educational goals were this: 1 Go to Harvard. 2 Get a scholarship. They were not necessarily in conjunction with each other; I could get a scholarship before or after going to Harvard, or could go to Harvard before or after getting a scholarship.

I got a scholarship my freshman year at CU, and never applied for a scholarship again because I realized other people actually need scholarships while, for me, in-state tuition wasn’t that hard to pay up. So, check one for meeting the goal of getting a scholarship.

So much for my Christianity and Culture class… I did the best I could, but the odds were stacked against me; apparently I misread the syllabus and wrote my first essay on the wrong topic. I was supposed to compare an item on a list of texts discussing theoretical models for looking at religious studies to a “course text” NOT on the list, but I compared it to a text ON the list. The syllabus didn’t say that the comparing model couldn’t be on the list, but it said compare it to one of the “course texts,” and I am now of the understanding that nothing on the list counts as a “course text.” The teacher had to dock my grade because, she explained, “none of the other students did that, so apparently it was clear enough for them.” I got a C on the paper, so an A in the class is probably out of range. The teacher graciously offered me a chance to re-do the essay, but since I didn’t get the graded paper back to know there was any problem until this Friday, and already had 3 15-page essays to write by the following Thursday, there was no chance I could re-write it by today, when it was due.

Ironically, my Christianity and Culture professor is from Harvard. There is an agreement amongst the graduate students that Harvard people are anal retentive, and also elitist. Harvard is not on my list of educational goals anymore. It’s weird, though, to actually know there is something I don’t academically qualify for, that is to say, essentially, I’m not smart enough to do it. I’ve never been told I’m not smart enough for anything, except by the 19-year-old news editors at the Campus Press, and by my ex boyfriend Garrett, who said I had “problems with logic and reasoning skills.”

Which was cute. Because this was the kid who thought I was “closed minded” when I didn’t believe that the President of the United States has the power to dissolve congress. “The media doesn’t tell you all the shit that’s going on!” he told me. “Unconstitutional? Where have you been!? Everything the government does is unconstitutional!!”

I have, however, decided that I really like the graduate students in Religious Studies at CU.

Religious Studies graduate students:
MOST likely of students in any graduate department to be vegetarian. (I’ve counted about 55% to be vegetarians)
Also, MOST likely to smoke organic cigarettes. It’s cute; you aren’t health-conscious enough to stop smoking, but you are environmentally-conscious enough to buy organic.


Oh God, if I can’t go to Harvard…what if my soul mate goes to Harvard!? How would I ever meet him!?


Everything the government does is unconstitutional!” Heh. I miss hearing those rants.

I googled that phrase, to see if it was ever before uttered by human lips. I got a 70 percent match; HERE, titled “Why almost everything the Federal Goverment [sic] does is unconstitutional” on a website by a libertarian. Libertarians – yes – my thoughts exactly.

So, 1/1000th of a point, and I’m trying extra hard to make that projected A- into a projected A to bump me into where I want to go. If I do that, my 1/1000-of-a-point GPA shortfall becomes a 4/1000-of-a-point GPA surpluss. It’s funny how small a difference single grade makes when you have more than 140 credits. If I could just get rid of those Cs I got in the Campus Press

meh. Live and learn…



  1. Just a thought, but I’m wondering if recommendations from faculty and your involvement in the paper would carry some weight, especially being so close in grades requirement. If I were looking for a candidate for my graduate school, I’d want someone who is more than just about good grades, but rather has a more rounded education and has developed actual skills.

    Comment by tempur_tempur — December 22, 2007 @ 3:58 pm | Reply

    • That’s what I’m hoping, although the Daily Camera was sort of a default place to be for a graduating internship and I didn’t have to apply for it at all, I was automatically in. It’s a nice paper – certainly far more worthwhile than the Campus Press, but I’m not sure how far it will ultimately get me.

      Students who worked for the Post or News for their internship probably have a better shot at conveying job experieince. I could always apply for a couple more internships, I guess.

      Comment by ononehand — December 22, 2007 @ 6:00 pm | Reply

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