On One Hand

August 30, 2008

Why Sarah Palin is Awesome

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Sarah Palin is young and fresh – that is, younger than two of John McCain’s kids.

Sarah Palin won’t have any problem being ready at 3a.m. – she’ll be awake with the 4-month-old baby.

Sarah Palin won second place in the Miss Alaska pageant – yeah, feminists love beauty pageants.

Sarah Palin once said she doesn’t know what a vice president does, but she’s come around on that in the last few years months weeks – she made the statement in July.

Sarah Palin supports teaching Creationism in schools and doesn’t beleive in global warming.

Sarah Palin supports an unconditional constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and opposed same-sex benefits for partners of state employees of Alaska, but she says she’s not anti-gay because she has “some gay friends.”

Sarah Palin only met John McCain one time. The second time they met he said Ibarelyknowyoubut hellllpppppmeeeeeee.

Sarah Palin endorsed Pat Buchannan for president in 2000, as a council member of a town of 6,000. Uh…

Time elapsed before realizing that Sarah Palin is not awesome: 16.45 seconds.


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