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September 15, 2008

Foreigners Do What They Can in the U.S. Election

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Non-US citizens can’t vote, so people all over the world are doing the only thing they can for Senator Obama – praying for him to win the election.

Indian Congress Committee memeber Brij Mohan Bhama has organized an 11-day ritual asking Lord Hanuman, a diety with the face and body of a monkey known for strength and influence over world affairs, to ensure that Barack Obama wins the election.

Citizens of Indonesia – a Christian, Muslim and Buddhist country where Barack Obama spent some time in his elementary school years, are also organizing prayers for Barack’s victory.

Barck’s on family and their friends in Kenya are praying for his victory, too.

But Australia’s Right-wing ex-prime ministar John Howard is claiming that another group – Al Quaeda – wants and is praying for Barack Obama to win. Conservative U.S. politicians are claiming the same thing. Since conservatives appparently have direct lines to the thinking of terrorist groups, one might consider asking them exactly when and where terrorist groups plan to attack next, or if their spiritual link with extremists is a two-way connection allowing them to encourage peace and resolution.

Meanwhile, a group of young American Catholics are praying novenas daily for Barack Obama to win the election, in spite of claims from some Bishops in their church that it should be sinful to vote for a pro-choice or pro-gay candidate.

Other American Protestant groups, especially in Black churches or progressive churches, are praying for Barack Obama’s safety during a candidacy that has inspired more assasination threats than any other in American history.

The proclivity of many Christian young people to pray for Barack Obama is a significant break from the American right-wing Christian group Focus on the Family whose spokesperson posted an online video asking for rain during Barack Obama’s convention speech. God’s response? The most beautiful weather of the entire summer, and a category 3 hurricane approaching New Orleans during the Republican convention.

So Barack Obama is receiving blessings on behalf of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians around the world who are hoping he will be a more unifying global figure than John McCain or George W. Bush.


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