On One Hand

October 6, 2008

Voter Disenfranchisement Update

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So it is now my impression that another version of the Colorado voter registration form does not even include check boxes in the identification section. The Secretary of State is declaring that all forms must have the “I do not have a Colorado driver’s liscense” box checked to be accepted, but the mandate can obviously only apply to the forms that make the box an option in the first place.

It’s also worth pointing out that all voters must show a certified ID when they vote, so it’s impossible to commit voter fraud that has anything to do with those check boxes – the check box is essentialy an irrelevant feature designed to snag people on a technicality. There’s no way for the poll worker to even know how the person initially registered, and will ask everyone for a form of acceptable ID.

The voter registration drive I work for has chosen not to make efforts to contact people we registered the wrong way, betting that an injunction sponsored by the Obama campaign ordering all forms in question to be counted will succeed.

I should add I personally disagree with the choice not to contact those voters – I think we have to accept some responsibility for the situation and at the very least give those people a phone call. Making sure people vote is why we exist in the first place, and we have the staff and resources to contact all of them in one day. Even if the injunction is likely to succeed, the chance that it won’t is worth the extra time to make sure people are aware of what’s going on with their registration status. The voter registration deadline is tomorrow, October 6, and after that I don’t expect anyone to have another chance to register to vote after that.


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