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December 28, 2008

2008, in summation

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My story of 2008 would be a patriotic beat poem, cuz there is something happening in America this year.

Everybody who knows me can predict what I’ll say made it for me: November fourth was the date, the moment was when they called Ohio. We were in a car driving from our canvass site and heard the call on NPR, screamed, cried, and screamed some more. It was a few hours before the networks called the night for Barack, but I was already sending messages to everyone: we just won the election!

That was the moment we knew we won. It wasn’t he who won, no it was not they who won, it was we. I’d been invested in this thing deeply since the Colorado caucus, had volunteered with a few organizations and then was working full-time knocking on doors and registering voters with a labor union all summer and fall on behalf of Barack Obama and other Democratic candidates. I was one of the few white people who worked in the organization and encountered a world and an experience I had never known, that changed my life. I was always “liberal” but I never understood how deeply and insidiously inequality operates in the United States, and never felt more personally invested in its resolution.

I’m grateful to have been where I have been and to have made the friendships I made. I saw the lowest lows of what America offers, but I think November 4 was a day that shattered everything for a lot of people – it was the best we have to offer – and I hope it’s the beginning of a trail to true fairness.

I sum it up with a quote from Barack’s New Hampshire consession speech, at the beginning of the year that would set the tone for the remaining 11 months. Nothing can stand in the way of millions of voices calling for change.

Eight years ago, who could have predicted that moment? Four years ago, who could have predicted that moment? Hell, even a year ago, who could have predicted how it would go?

Ask me any other year and I’ll talk about love, family, self-discovery, religion, resolutions and projects. But 2008 is all about my country and the amazing thing that happened there.


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    You seem to have great expectations in government. I am not sure what you mean by “true fairness”, but I am at least optimistic that this administration will be better than the last. And, that is a judgement I think stands irrespective of specific policies. At the very least, Barack has given all signs of being more competent than his predecessor.

    Comment by sleepyreaderz — December 30, 2008 @ 7:07 am | Reply

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