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July 29, 2009

Wonkette.com Solves the Healthcare Crisis!

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Here’s a great idea, fresh out of Wonkette’s think-tank wing: The government gets in touch with every $1+ million annual earner in the country and asks each of them, “If the government raised taxes on your $1,000,000 annual income by $9,000 in order to deliver health care to 40 million Americans, would you (a) just pay the taxes (b) stash money in an off-shore vertical trust scheme to avoid paying or (b) literally move to another country to avoid paying this tax increase for health care?” For those who select either (b) or (c) or for some reason both, the government will just take 100% of their money, stun them with cattle-prods, and feed them to the Uighurs.


The entry the quote was drawn from was actually quite poignant. A New York Times/CBS poll found that most Americans would rather pay down the federal deficit than use federal funds to stimulate the economy. Yet they also opposed every possible way to pay down the deficit: fifty-six percent said they would not be willing to pay more taxes, and fifty-six percent said they would not be willing to cut government services. This is a conundrum that has plagued the the concept of “big government” throughout history; nobody likes the idea if big or inefficient government, but they would rather have big government than lose its services.


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