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November 4, 2009

We lost Maine…

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…and Thomas Peters, commentator on The Corner, a section of the National Review Online, sums up the Right-wing’s mind on this issue:

Guilty confession: My favorite part of last night’s election coverage was watching Rachel Maddow’s demeanor go from exuberant, to smug, to infuriated over the results of the marriage referendum in Maine.

Yeah, it’s just hilarious to watch a woman whose relationship with her partner has been stingingly critiqued by a pack of bullies process the fact that a popular vote just torpedoed civil rights. Again.

Hahahahaaaaaaaa, Rachael Maddow! this commentary seems to laugh, you just lost and everybody hates youuuuuuuu.

Excuse my bitterness on this point, but I want to know if Thomas Peters also sits outside of hospital emergency wards and masturbates to doctors giving devastated family members the news that their father has died?

Fights over LGBT rights, and all over civil rights, change the nature of civil discourse. To personally inject yourself into the family and bedroom of countless other citizens and offer an unsolicited rebuke of their marriage is, by its very nature, uncivil.

To exercise the perverse power our government gives people to enforce their collective opinions on same-sex relationships is, similarly, by its very nature, uncivil.

What onlookers consistently fail to realize is that our lives are being put on the chopping block for others to critique. For most people in politics, it is just a job, and straight people can go home to their heterosexual marriages and children to get away from all that. Gay people do not have that privilege. My very existence, according to the Right Wing, is a political issue. If I walk into a shopping mall holding hands with my boyfriend, I am being political, according to them, by “flaunting” my sexuality, and similarly, having my relationship bound by marriage is an election issue. Adopting kids is an election issue. Hate crimes protection is an election issue.

There is no “home” to go to, because even inheritance, hospital visitation, health benefits, adoption and child-rearing are subject to political cycles and whims.

This is part of the reason why my political disagreements with the Right often take on a deeply personal tone. Politics are personal when your life is consistently voted on. Whatever criticism those on the Right levy on the way LGBT people go about pursuing their rights, the truth is that there’s nothing we could possibly do that is more perverse or unreasonable than breaking up other people’s marriages and getting sick pleasure out of it.


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  1. At least he felt guilty about watching Maddow get bummed?

    Comment by erinya — November 5, 2009 @ 4:54 am | Reply

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