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On One Hand is a personal attempt to balance policy, politics, science and current issues from an independent, all-things-considered perspective. It started in January, 2010.

The boundary between politics and the rest of life is blurry, or as I would argue, imaginary. Most likely your first political act was when you were in elementary school – you reluctantly laughed along watching a popular friend bully a student with a disability (or maybe stuck up for that kid), or you picked Lance Armstrong to study in a fifth-grade biographies unit because you’re both male, rather than, for example, Harriet Tubman or Sacagawea.

Whether you choose to refer to yourself as black or as African-American, whether you talk openly about your religious affiliation (or lack thereof) or decide to keep it to yourself, whether you say “that’s gay” as a casual insult or scoff at that usage, whether you like brand name clothing or consciously avoid it – is a political choice, or part of a political self-identity. Politics are both in trying to influence the social world as well as simply trying to steer clear of bumps in the road left in the social world by others.

The creative world is a sharp contrast from campaigns for office and policymaking, yet it just as political. I believe that public policy is better when viewed with a bit of philosophical reflection and science as well as a pragmatic look at social movements, issues and trends. And it’s more fun when viewed creatively. Similarly, art is never free of political realities.

About the Author

Matt Pizzuti is a gardener and freelance writer in Denver, Colorado. He writes a weekly column called Stuff Gay People Like onOutFront Colorado’s blog. He has also worked for political campaigns and managed an office for a state elected official, and has been a community organizer on behalf of working families.

All material that is not otherwise attributed should be assumed copyrighted by Matt Pizzuti. Proper attribution is requested.

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