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January 8, 2009

Protected: Fire in North Boulder

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September 19, 2008

Protected: World’s Greatest Photographs

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April 28, 2008

Picture Of The Week

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U.S. Marine Corps veteran Jeremiah Wright operates on President Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1966, for which Wright received a White House commendation. The man on the operating table is President Johnson, while Wright is the man obscured by the I.V. tube.

Wright is the retired pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, where presidential candidate Barack Obama attended for 20 years, whose inflammatory comments sparked a firestorm of public criticism and brought Obama downward significantly in the polls.

December 2, 2006

Photo Essay

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If you don’t have a camera, use a scanner.

I reclaim my hands;
my hands, no longer aching to touch you,
my eyes, admired and admiring others now,
my fingertips, once calloused from writing letters to you,
now calloused instead by the smooth strum of guitar strings
humming the glory of reflection,
I reclaim my palms;
that once came together in celebration of you,
I reclaim my toes;
that once curled at the press of your palm on my belly,
I reclaim my thighs;
that once wove between yours as we slept…

Lauren: “You didn’t make my friend look bad in your sorrority article, did you? Because she’s really nice.”

Me: “Oh, uh oh — I did say she was a tri-delt…”

Then we saw a bunch of crabs on the beach, making sand castles, and one of the castles was big. And we climbed inside and that’s where we lived.


The First Snow.

(You can’t see it; it’s really faint.)


A Saturday Night Soap Opera.
By, Matthew.

My roommate and I planned a party. Actually, there are four of us in the house. So the four of us: the four of us said a week ago that we wanted to have one, but in the end only two of us actually invited people, and the other two said “oh, well we hadn’t talked about it for a few days so we thought it wasn’t going to happen and made other plans.” That’s how this whole thing starts.

It turned into an argument between the two girls, because they are always at odds, so the guy and one of the girls decided to get out of the house, leaving me and Shannon to have the party.

But right before the two left, while the group was arguing, my roommate said “well, I know you guys really want to have a party, but look,” – and he gestures around the room – “no one’s here. I don’t think anyone’s coming.”

I said, “But we invited them. They’re coming.”

He cringes, then narrows his eyebrows in sympathy. “Well I hate to say this, Matt, and I’m not saying you guys aren’t cool, because you are cool, but look. No one’s here.”

And here’s the climax of the story: I think, Oh God, he’s right! What a royal humiliation, that all of our friends simultaneously drop us at once, leaving us alone on a Saturday night!

Or wait – what friends? We don’t even have friends. What are Shannon and I talking about, as if we have friends!? We don’t have friends! Silly us.

I have a better idea. I think no one’s here because it’s 8:15, and we told them the party starts at 10:30. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s sort of unusual for people to start showing up THAT early. I think, maybe that seems like a more plausible explanation.

So I say, “well why don’t you get your friends that you’re planning to hang out with now, and instead of going there, just have them come over here instead.”

So he says, “well I dunno, if I invited people, it could end up getting preeeeetty biiig…

Ok, nevermind.

And then they left.

And sure enough, he was sort of right: no one was coming. Because Shannon and I talked about it and realized we had invited like four people each, expecting that our other roommates invited people too and we wanted to “keep it small.” So…

Three of of the four people I invited showed up, and Shannon called her friends and told them not to come. So to the three friends who did stop by, we were like, “ummmm….. rain check?”

We went to the bars.

And left over from our canceled party were two boxes of Key Lights that would last us for months because I, Matt, am the only one who drinks them.

And it was awesome, and we met up with another friend at the bar, and she bought us drinks.

And then Shannon threw up.

The End.


Samantha says we are “so gay” together. Samantha says, Matt, you know, you seem like a normal, quiet guy, masculine, and then when you are with me, we are like Sex in the City.

We are like, “I bet Lindsay talks crap behind your back because she’s insecure, and oh God, you can’t call John three times because you gotta play it cool, it’s the two-call rule you know. You shouldn’t have used up your two calls so fast, now you have to wait for him to call, and you should go for it, hit Mike up for a date, because even if he seems rude he’ll never, ever, ever be as much of a jerk as Clay was.” That isn’t Samantha talking, or me talking, that is both of us talking as one person.

Samantha is probably Jewish, but she doesn’t know for sure, because she was adopted, and you have to be born Jewish to be Jewish. All we know for sure is that she was raised Jewish but always celebrated Christmans anyway, and that she’s from New Jersey and likes sour cream and flirts with her professors. We were thinking about it once, and that, we decided, was all we were really certain of.

And she is the only Democrat in her family, and her family is very rich, but Samantha doesn’t know that they’re rich because they don’t seem rich by comparison. She says “everyone in the neighborhood I grew up in has just as much money.” Well that’s because it is a, you know, (I finally explain it so she gets it), a rich neighborhood. Well, her family is not so rich anymore, because her rich uncle (who raised her) lost his job with his company and is now making only a quarter million a year, he laments. He said he can’t pay her tuition anymore. And her sisters say, “well, I guess we shouldn’t vote Republican anymore, because now we’re poor.”

And I, on the other hand, am most definitely not rich. But Samantha doesn’t care about that.

Samantha is my favorite, because she lets her dishes pile in the sink and isn’t grossed out by all the flies. She’s my favorite because she’s a good cook and she sways when she walks, so feminine. And she’s my favorite because she likes the bad guys and gets drunk and stranded and doesn’t mind sleeping on the couch.

Anyway, that’s Samantha.


– the summer sunlight lit the windshield uneven, reve(a)ling the dry dusty im(p)rints of water d(r)oplets and streaks. Shadows of pass(i)ng trees s(l)ipped over her face as she sang, as the small car cruised in the direction of the mountians in the distance –


Snow days just beg you to procrastinate. There is a foot and a half of powder on the ground, glistening, perfect. So I come home at 7:30 pm with the spark of creativity, thinking, now I’ll get some homework done, well-rested with a pack of cigarettes, nicotine to help me focus, and I get to the porch, stomp off my feet, come inside, let the dog out to pee, then grab the snow shovel, and for the next hour and a half I build a 5-foot snow cave in the back yard. Like we did in boy scouts, only then it took three of us five hours to do what I now can do in a third as much time by myself. The snow begs to be used for something – I want to build a maze in the front yard, now. Homework – forget that. What’s the point of living if you can’t go with the flow, let nature guide you? Will I someday lie on my deathbed, thinking, damn, if I had only gotten straight As in college, turning everything in on time? Or will I instead wish I spent more time outside and had a life, made things, talked to God, and stopped to play in the snow.

Now I’m exhausted; shoveling four hours, then chasing the dog, who wouldn’t come back inside when I called and kept running across the streets, which are slick with ice so cars would easily hit her. Homework… .

Snow Cave – 2 Days Later

October 22, 2006

Photo Update

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I try to add a few pictures here every now and then just to keep people aware of my constant evolution – absent infrequent updates I’d be misleading you all about my identity; you might all still think I’m still the 18-year-old bleach-blonde twink boy I was when I started this journal and first posted pictures, and those who thought that was cute then would perceive me so in error. But this entry is here mostly because I want to get as much leverage as possible out of the sexy in-the-shower photos I took with a friend when she was here a week ago to visit.

The first photo is, left to right: of Shannon, one of my three roommates; my friend Samantha who graduated from CU last spring but stayed with me for a week on a trip back to Colorado to visit; and myself. We are all slightly intoxicated on a Friday night, and being such, were incessant with the narcisistic photo-taking:

Shannon, Samantha, Me
Shannon, Sam, Me.

But drunken narcisism is no island in the continuous exhibitionism Sam and I share when we get together, and ostensibly decide that every minute detail of our lives must be immortalized in images that we can post online. Sam and I are of similar temperments when it comes to that- as Samantha would put it, we are “so gay” together. Photo diaries do not exclude activities that are mostly staged, such as photos of Sam and I getting in the shower together, which, absent a camera, we would never dream of doing:

Don't drop the soap
Don’t drop the soap.

Sort of like a drag show
Sort of like a drag show.

Not Amused
Not amused with whatever Sam is doing.

No comment.

I gained a lot of weight recently, in fact a total of 20 pounds this summer, and if you look at the photos from my previous photo entries you can tell. (Click on the tag “photos” at the bottom of this entry to easily bring up all photo entries.) Not that I’m not still skinny, but I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come. I have an enormous head, hats rarely fit me, as you may be able to observe in the photos, so it takes a lot of body mass for me to look decently proportioned. Aside from the weight, I look pretty much the same as I did when I first grew the goatee two years ago. My most recent entry containing photos is of photos from about a year and a half ago, July 2005, after a trip to Hawaii. In Hawaii I am demonstrably thin.

Between the two most recent photo entries is an entire romantic relationship that lasted 8 months, descending to total disaster, a period in which I lost about 8 pounds. (I gained them back as part of the 20 I accumulated this summer.) So here you get to see a few of my friends, who will hopefully stick around for a long time, but when it comes to the boys – at least the ones that are currently out of my life – you will have to use your imaginations. It’s sort of funny, and sad, how a person can go from unknown to suddenly the most important person in your life, then descend to nobody-nes again because they disappear. Not that I ever wanted it that way, but most things that happened were out of my control. Clay and I never took a photo together until the night of my 21st birthday – right before he dumped me. As far as image evidence is concerned, he never existed. Meanwhile Samantha is pictured more frequently with me in photos than anyone my own family, making her, according to the crude and casual world of livejournal and facebook.com, the most important person in my life.

I still feel pretty weird about posting photos of myself here. When I was younger it wasn’t such a big deal, but I am more self-aware and that awarness includes that these entries might show tendencies of being self-absorbed, which is all to easy in the Internet-ridden world we live in. So how’s this for making me less self-absorbed – a few pictures of my friends, me not included, so you know who they are as well.

Cut to preserve your bandwidth

February 24, 2006

My Painting

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I promise it’s worth it.


And yes, I painted it.

December 25, 2005


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After months of waiting, I finally got the pictures from my family’s trip to Hawai’i from my Grandfather on Christmas Eve. I was there from July 9-19 this year.

coconut milk

June 9, 2005

Ode to a Hicky

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I think I can actually make out the teeth marks


it peeks out under the chin
to authenticate
the forgotten half-dream –
a sweet moment
a few days longer,
a kiss
in the throes
to draw blood

now lets the world in
on one of our secrets.

March 18, 2005

Experiment in Progression

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Just for fun, I thought I’d post some more pictures. This series demonstrates two things. First of all, I change a lot. Second, a message for all you ugly high school freshmen: realize through my example that you’re in an awkward age and it gets better as you get older. I went through many phases: during my later high school years I bleached my hair about 4 times. During everything after Fall 2001 and before spring 2004 I had braces (clear on top, so not entirely visible in photos), so I tried not to smile. I had super-long and nappy sideburns (a.k.a. “chops”) between late spring 2003 and early fall 2003 (a period that is not pictured) and started growing a beard in winter 2004. I’ve changed clothing styles about every 6 months, throughout the series, but managed to change style while continuing to wear the exact same clothes. That’s just the kind of person I am, always changing, always re-inventing myself, and I’m sure I’ll be somebody completely different a year from now.
The Photos

March 17, 2005


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I just wanted to update you all on what I look like now since my hair is growing out and I have a beard. These are pretty laid back pictures; no streaking, sex, coke lines, pot, or drunken vomiting, but you can all rest assured that I still get my share of crazy stuff that doesn’t get photographed.


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