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September 25, 2009


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September 4, 2009

Where Will Right-Wingers get Antidepressants When They Lose Their Jobs?

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The ironic thing is that if the mental breakdown Right-Wing America is currently going through were to cost any of those individuals their jobs, their employer-based health insurance would end, and they would lose access the very anti-anxiety, antipsychotic medications, beta blockers and therapy sessions they need to cope with 1920s Whites-Only America being over.


I acknowledge that seems sarcastic and rude, but the truth beneath it is that healthcare reform is not just for Democrats, it is for everyone. I don’t support a public option because I want to redistribute wealth away from the evil Republicans to poor people, I support a public option because I want to give everyone, of any ideological position, the choice to not participate in a system that profits from undermining them. Those who disagree have the choice not to use the public option. I can’t think of a more reasonable compromise.

And now it’s being made all about race; I don’t know if it is because Americans automatically assume that all poor people are black or Hispanic, or that they are terrified of Obama’s agenda. But statements like one from Glen Beck, that Obama’s Agenda (which includes healthcare reform) is all about reparations, make it seem as though the Right can’t tell the difference between a person of color voicing an opinion and Joseph Stalin voicing an opinion. The color = Communist connection seems to be real in their minds, and their very own interests are being undermined.

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